Wedding Photography Bridgend

The wedding of Julie and Daniel was a very good day, with a happy couple, lovely venues and good weather. I started with Julia at Sheepleys Farm, a gorgeous B&B in the heart of the Vale and Bridgend countryside. This was also to be the reception venue on the day. From there, I moved down to Holy Trinity church, in the picturesque village of Llandow. The ceremony was a beautiful, intimate affair, and Julia and Dan beamed the whole time.

After that, the tractor(!) came to pick the happy couple up, and we moved back up the road to Sheepleys. The formal shots were photographed at the reception venue, and after that, the bride and groom mingled with their guests and family, and the chef’s dished out the dauphinoise potatoes and other treats! The speeches were wonderful, and held in the very pretty marquee, while the band played quietly in the background.

After that, evening guests started arriving, and the band warmed up – they reminded me of Beirut in style, although I can’t remember their name!

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