The wedding of Neil and Mel.

On a warm day in October 2014, I found myself traveling to Chepstow to the St. Pierre Marriott to photograph a wedding day for Neil and Mel. The day began with Neil, as he greeted his guests to the lovely venue. I photographed as people gathered at the hotel, and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere as expectation began to build for the wedding that was to come! The St. Pierre Marriott is one of my favourite venues to photograph, as the staff are friendly, the venue is light and airy, and it also has a lovely backdrop for formal photographs.

The bride arrived a few moments before time, and the ceremony proceeded with music from the harpist. The ceremony itself was very sweet and heartfelt, and the bride and groom were great. From there, we performed some formal shots while we waited for the priest to arrive. We used the St. Pierre as our background. With its beautiful old buildings and pretty lawns, the hotel provides a great backdrop.

Once the priest arrived, we went on into the church of St. Peter for a blessing. After that, the guests mingled and the meal was served. It was a really nice day, and everyone was very friendly and photogenic!

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