Ryan and Kirstie – Bridgend Wedding Photography

This was a wonderful day, as I got to photograph and be part of a wonderful friends wedding day. Every now and then I’m privileged enough to be involved with a close friends wedding and it’s a great thing to part of… The day started at Ryan and Kirsties house, in Porthcawl, with the bride making her preparations. Kirstie was loads of fun and was very relaxed. Her family and friends were there, and everyone had a lovely time. I love shooting the pre-ceremony imagery as it allows me to so many detail shots that you just can’t get once the wedding is rolling. From the, I went on down to Court Colman Manor, where the wedding was be held. Ryan was using one of Court Colmans beautiful boutique rooms to get ready, and had his best man and usher with him. It was a great atmosphere, and guests starting arriving at the wonderful venue.

The room in which Ryan and Kirstie were to be wed looked amazing, and all the staff at Court Colman were excellent on the day. The bride arrived in style, looking amazing, and the ceremony was very sweet and heartfelt. From the ceremony, we achieved some lovely formal shots, but the best shots of the day came from the lovely guests and the candid photography that I was able to do throughout the day and evening. Once the meal was served, speeches delivered, cake cut and many a congratulation given, the staff turned around the room and the evening progressed with first dance, party and drinks galore! It was a great day.

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