In Margam Orangery, a few years back, I photographed the marriage of Sian and Lee. It was an amazing day, with wonderful people, great weather and a beautiful venue. Sian and Lee were some of the best people I have photographed and their wedding photography really showed how much fun everyone had on their day. Wedding are fabulous things, and I always have a sense of pride that I am able to be part of someones special day. The day started at Margam Orangery with Lee’s arrival to the venue. Margam Orangery is the perfect place to get married as it has amazing grounds, and a beautiful interior space that is separated into a ceremony area and a reception area. For a Bridgend Wedding Photographer, it is the perfect place as light floods into the room and there is lots of space for manoeuvre.

Once Lee had arrived, Sian followed soon after with her bridesmaids. The ceremony was lovely, and once complete, we all went outside for the formal photography. We used the castle as a backdrop, and moved around the ample grounds gaining some stunning wedding photography of the guests and bride and groom. After that, we went back inside for a delicious wedding breakfast and the speeches, which were hilarious. Music, dancing, games and partying followed, as the day drew on into the evening. Candid wedding photography was very easy to achieve on the the day, with good light and lovely people to photograph. The orangery lived up to its reputation as a prime wedding venue in Bridgend and South Wales. It was a super wedding day, and I wish Sian and Lee all the happiness in the world.

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