The wedding of Claire and David was a truly wonderful day. We had gorgeous August weather, a fantastic venue and most importantly a fabulous bride and groom! The day started with Claire, who was getting ready at home. I started my wedding photography by photographing the wedding vehicle arriving, which was a wonderful VW camper. From there, we wound our way to the wedding venue, which was the King Arthur Hotel, in the Gower, South Wales. The drive down to the Gower from the Bridgend area is one that I love, and the venue that Claire and David chose was beautiful. When I arrived, I went for a look around the room in which the marriage ceremony was to take place, and it was stunning. David was there, greeting his guests in relaxed fashion, and I had a feeling that it was going to be a great day. The King Arthur Hotel really do know how to make a wedding special. David welcomed guests, and a few minutes before the ceremony, Claire arrived, looking absolutely stunning.

The ceremony itself was lovely and really sweet. During the ceremony, the rings arrived in a manner that I had not seen before – by owl! A beautiful little owl swept through the room and landed on Taylors arm, courtesy of Pembrokeshire Falconry. After the marriage had taken place we all went outside for some of the formal shots. Again, the King Arthur was excellent for this as the gardens provide a wonderful backdrop and the walls provide a subtle textured background. The formal shots were completed nice and easily, and then I was back into some candid photography of the wonderful guests enjoying themselves. David, Claire, their lovely boy Taylor and myself then went down to Oxwich Bay in the VW for some more formal shots. The beach and bay provided the perfect backdrop. On our return we were greeted by Claire and Davids dogs, which was a lovely surprise for me. It’s always great when people do something a little different on their day. The day progressed, the owls were a joy and the guests soon went in for the meal. The room looked great, and the food was excellent. Claire and David were fab on their day – it was a real pleasure to be part of their wedding.

You can see more imagery from Claire and Davids day, and purchase prints from their wedding here.

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