The wedding day of Sian and Gareth is one that I’ll always look back on with great memories. The wedding day was held at Llanerch Vineyards, which was a venue I had not photographed at before. I love shooting new venues, as it keeps the day fresh and exciting for me, offering new photographic challenges as I try and find the best images. Wedding photography is basically candid documentary photography, so being given the chance to photograph somewhere new always opens up photographic opportunities. This became apparent throughout the day, as I ended up photographing my highest shot count ever for a wedding (over 62 GB), and with the bride and groom receiving 619 images!

My day started with Sian. She was getting ready in a beautiful room at Llanerch Vineyards. The atmosphere was relaxed and her bridesmaids were a lovely, funny gang. Light flooded the rooms, champagne floated around and the photography was easy with such fab people and great backdrops. Gareth arrived a little while later, in a beautiful old VW camper, which became a bit of a hit on the day. Gareth was also really relaxed and organised his ushers for the events to come. Guests started to arrive and laughter filled the rooms. The family sausage dog arrived too, for a few shots!

The ceremony itself was wonderful. It was emotional, sweet and the bride and groom looked amazing. The main room where the ceremony was held had enormous windows and doors that led out onto the vineyards, so light streamed in and illuminated the entire space. After the ceremony we did the formal shots with the vines in the background, then the bride, groom and myself went for a stroll around the grounds. The staff at the venue were really helpful on the day, and made my life very easy.

The wedding party then enjoyed a delicious wedding breakfast and Llanerch wine in the marquee area. This was great, with spectacular views and rolling hills just outside. Funny speeches were given, we did a few more formal shots in the woods, and then the dancing began as the evening guests arrived. I even got to do some painting with light with the old VW…

Sian and Gareth were wonderful on their day. The love and happiness that exuded from them was infectious, and this comes across in the imagery. You can see my opinion on the best shots in the image gallery above.

You can see ALL the photography (over 600 images, including all the formal/couple shots) from Sian and Gareth’s wedding day HERE, and you can also purchase prints via the link.

If you want further details of my wedding photography, then have a look at the image galleriescontact me, or follow me on Instagram.

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