The wedding day of Scott and Roxanne was a wonderful one for me as a wedding photographer. The couple were fabulous and incredibly gracious, the weather held up and the venue was different, quirky and beautiful.

The day started as I arrived at West Usk, taking the gravel road to the lighthouse. On arrival, I took the spiral stairs up to the room where Roxanne was making her preparations for the day ahead. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun as hair and makeup were tweaked and made wonderful. The room that Roxanne was getting ready in was very picturesque and made a great backdrop. Guests began to arrive and the rain that had dappled the windows earlier in the day began to abate.

Scott arrived soon after, looking the part in kilt and sporran. We did a few shots outside with family and friends and then Scott went in to meet and greet guests.

Once Roxanne was ready we photographed a few frames in the room. She looked amazing, and was an easy and beautiful subject on the day. After that, we made our way down the stairs, and into the reception room for the wedding ceremony. The ceremony itself was sweet and heartfelt, and once the bride and groom were wed, we outside to do the formal shots of family and friends.

From there, Roxanne, Scott and myself used the wonderful backdrops around the lighthouse to get some gorgeous photographs of the newly weds. Then we got into the cars and drove down the lanes to the reception venue, where the guests were waiting. There were some amazing people there on the day, and Rox  and Scott were great. It was a true pleasure to be part of this one.

You can see ALL the photography (nearly 400 images, including all the formal/couple shots) from the wedding day HERE, and you can also purchase prints via the link.

If you want further details of my wedding photography, then have a look at the image galleriescontact me, or follow me on Instagram.

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