In early September I photographed… the wedding of the year? It had all all the potential to be just that. An amazing man named Matt. A wonderful bride to be called Lindsey. A beautiful wedding venue. And a swimming pool!

The day started with good weather and some bridal preparation shots. Lindsey was upstairs in Caer Llan getting ready with her mum and man of honour, Denzil. We used the beautiful room and the balcony to capture some fabulous detail images and a few portraits. Lindsey looked amazing and it was such a pleasure to part of her day. After that, I went downstairs and photographed Matt in the main room, where the ceremony was to be held. Both Matt and Lindsey are some of the happiest people I have photographed and this really came through in the final images. The ceremony room looked great. Caer Llan was a venue I had not photographed before, and the staff were very helpful and the grounds/interiors looked quite astonishing. Guests started to arrive and Matt welcomed them all.

Everyone then got ready for the big moment. Lindsey walked down the stairs to the ceremony room, accompanied by her father. Once they entered the room, they proceed to dance down the aisle to where Matt was waiting. The ceremony itself was beautiful; heartfelt, funny and really sweet. Rings were exchanged, kisses were given and then they were wed.

After the ceremony, we performed the formal shots on the lawn with the Monmouthshire hills in the background. From there, Lindsey, Matt and myself went for a stroll around the grounds, capturing some fantastic bride and groom shots. There was even a swimming pool on the grounds, so I grabbed the underwater camera and we dipped our toes. The resulting shots were great.

Once we had achieved the formal shots, afternoon tea was served (and it was delicious), speeches were given and the room was turned around for the evening side of things. The speeches were brilliant and there was even singing and dancing.

The evening part of the day was as great as the rest, and it really was one of the most atmospheric, upbeat weddings I have been to. After first dance, I managed to get on the dance floor to do a little ‘walkthrough’ video for the bride and groom too. These are very difficult to do in weddings, and I have not managed to pull another one off since as conditions need to be just right. You need space between the guests, but enough guests on the floor, good lighting, a good song and a pretty venue. We had all that on the day. The bride and groom look so happy in the film, and the Bambridges look especially happy and content too.

This video doesn’t exist

The day was amazing. Congrats to Matt and Lindsey – you are both wonderful. You can see ALL the photography (550 images, including all the formal/couple shots) from the wedding day HERE, and you can also purchase prints via the link.

If you want further details of my wedding photography, then have a look at the image galleriescontact me, or follow me on Instagram.

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