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The weather; the only unknown on your wedding day. A wedding takes a lot of planning. The venues, the dresses, the suit, the shoes, the hair, the cake, the cars, the food, the drinks, the party… But there is one element that is left up to mother nature. It’s the one thing you can’t control, and as such, it will be what it will be. As a South Wales Wedding Photographer we must make do with what we are given on the day. We live in a temperate climate, so it might rain. On the other hand, it might be scorching hot.

Whatever the weather, your day will be amazing. Don’t fret about rain – it adds moody skies and atmosphere. Don’t worry about it being too hot – take off your shoes and tie and veil, grab a drink and bask in the sunshine. From a photographers point of view, it makes no difference to me. I just want to have fun photographing your day for you. Rain or shine, you’re guaranteed beautiful imagery. Even the formal shots will look amazing if it’s raining. If we can’t do them outside between showers, I like to set up studio lighting in the venue, choose a fabulous backdrop and shoot them inside. Some of the best wedding days that I have had the pleasure to photograph have happened when the weather has been wayward. Rain looks great, moody skies look amazing, and your photographs will be just as good had it been sunny.

The weather is the one thing that is beyond control. So let go, let it be, and enjoy whatever the skies throw at you on your special day.

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