This wedding was AMAZING, and a true highlight of my freelance year in 2017. It had it all – dramatic weather, beautiful people, wonderful locations/venues, and details the like of which I have not seen previously. My day started at Usk Castle, where I met Trevor, as he made final preparations with details and finishing touches. Usk castle was looking fabulous, and the marquee was a delight. Within the marquee was the most amazing wedding theme I have ever witnessed. The couple decided to adopt a Wes Anderson (movie director) theme, with the wedding details all linking to his films. There were details that pointed to Rushmore, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic, and more. It was spectacular! Trevor was on sparkling form, and I got some great shots of him in and around the grounds of the castle.

From there, I made my way to the Three Salmons where Amy was making her preparations. The dress and flowers were gorgeous, and once the dress was on Amy made her way to the castle. From there, she made her way up the aisle where Trevor was eagerly waiting. The ceremony was really sweet and heartfelt, and was a lovely thing to be part of.

After the ceremony Amy and Trevor mingled with their guests, then we did the formal shots with Usk as our backdrop, and then we took a walk to capture some beautiful bride and groom shots. Once we got back inside the castle, we then did a few more formal shots, but this time with a 5″ x 4″ camera. The resulting shots are gorgeous, and reflect the couples personalities and their own love of photography too.

As the day became evening, everyone enjoyed the good weather, food was served and drinks flowed.  The day was amazing. Congrats to the beautiful bride and wonderful groom – you are both fantastic people and it was a joy to part of your amazing day. You can see ALL the photography (including all the formal/couple shots) from the wedding day HERE, and you can also purchase prints via the link.

If you want further details of my wedding photography, then have a look at the image galleriescontact me, or follow me on Instagram.

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