Between the ages of 12 and 36 months our children do things that are crazy, hilarious, heartfelt and eye-wateringly cute. Baby language, a gesture, a smile, a laugh; these are all things that we adore as parents, but as quick as they happen, the moment vanishes. As our children grow up, and begin to be young people in their own right, you forget how they were when they were tiny. Capturing these moments is vital, and now there is a perfect way to create an everlasting memory that you can keep for yourselves, the family, or share with everyone around you.

I can create a beautiful short film about your baby or toddler that you will never grow tired of watching. The example Chunky Paws videos on this page will show you just how special our children are, and what I can do to preserve those memories. A short film about your child is one of the greatest ways to look back; to keep those memories safe. It’s also a great way to embarrass the little buggers when they’re older!

For just £430 I spend around three hours with you and your child filming these beautiful moments. Locations can be decided to suit everyone involved, but even just filming their everyday routine around the house creates a beautiful document. You even get to choose the music. I then edit the clips to create a truly wonderful end result that can be delivered on a USB stick to be played on TV’s, computers, etc, and I can even upload the short film to Youtube, should you desire.

It is the perfect gift for Christmas, the ideal surprise for the other half, or the grandparents.

To find out more about Chunky Paws videos or to make a booking, then feel free to contact me with any questions you might have; I’d love to hear from you.

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