Forest drive, and Cwmcarn forest have succumbed to larch disease. The seven-mile road through Cwmcarn forest closed in November last year to allow felling teams to safely cut down and remove more than 150,000 affected trees from over 162 hectares (400 acres) of infected forestry. Large areas of Wales have been infected by larch disease (Phytophthora Ramorum) which spreads through air currents, mists, and even raindrops, from tree to tree. The Welsh government has ordered Natural Resources Wales to fell infected trees, a multimillion pound project that is likely to last until 2020. Phytophthora Ramorum was first identified in Britain in 2002 but few trees were affected until 2009 when it was found to have infected Japanese larch trees in south-west England. In 2010, it was discovered in Wales.

This series of photographs takes a closer look at something that is soon to be gone. It doesn’t focus on the trees; it looks at the micro environments and beautiful foliage. The forests will be replanted, and a new environment will emerge, but it looks like the current landscape will go, and that needs to be documented.