6th Oct, ’20

AD7506 Professional Practice – beginnings

After an introduction to the brief last week, I have been considering what I can achieve during this module, and how to achieve my aims… Overall, I want the module to allow for a reinvention of my photographic practice – art based project photography (not commercial based).

Potential aims for the module

Element one:

  • Complete an existing project as an immediate vehicle for promotion and publication
  • New website – fine art photography based/aesthetic (already started)
  • New social media handles – art photography based/aesthetic
  • All research, discussion, planning, test images and evaluation presented on a website
  • Both projects to culminate on new website and as books
  • A solo exhibition
  • Development of a new course that draws from similar themes within my two photographic projects
  • Wider research/discussion/interview with professionals about wellbeing/escapism (project one theme) and environmental impact (project two theme)

Additional content – contact publishers / submit to relevant websites and online magazines / conduct book reviews / conduct exhibition reviews / new website, discuss platforms / New logo / discuss previous practice and how it influences new direction

Element two:

  • Start and complete a new project as a further vehicle for promotion and publication, as part of a wider collaborative project within the group.

7th Oct, ’20

The first thing I want to do during this module is complete a project that I began once I found out I was going to be able to participate on the MA…

Nights, Lights, Love, Lyrics

Nights, Lights, Love, Lyrics is an iPhone project that explores a sense of freedom. This project is a love letter… A love letter to not stopping. A love letter to running. A love letter to my favourite place. A love letter to music. A love letter to light. A love letter to technology. A love letter about love. 

This project is a complete departure for me. I utilise a large format camera for a lot of my work, and I almost always have an SLR of some variety in my hand. This is the first project I have created that fits in around other passions – music and running. Normally, as the year draws to a close, the nights draw in and the weather turns colder, I stop running. I tend to run after work, off road, in my favourite environment – Newton and Merthyr Mawr dunes, in South Wales. Off road running, at night, in an environment that has no artificial light wasn’t a prospect that appealed, so I would always put running on hold until the light returned in March. But in 2019 that changed; I decided I would not stop. So one evening, after work, on a night filled with moonlight, I grabbed a torch, my phone, my headphones, the dog, and we ran.

And it was terrifying. Wonderfully, exhilaratingly terrifying. A lack of light, uneven terrain, noises from the woods, the moon shining through the trees… I ran like the wind. When I got back to the car I felt amazing. It was the best run I had been on for a long time.

So I went again, the very next night. And again, the moon ran alongside me, and helped light my path. And it was then that I realised I had a camera in my pocket; my iPhone. So I pointed it at the moon through the trees and I fell in love. Darkness, light, photography and music. Nights, lights, love, lyrics. An idea formed.

I went out the next night, this time with a headtorch as well as my hand torch, and for the next images I illuminated the trees. And I ran, and I shot, and I listened, and I loved. That single hour per day became my release and my wellbeing. I decided that I would make a note of the lyrics that were playing at the time of image making, and they became an accompanying narrative alongside the imagery.

This project has educated me. In new music, in not stopping, in abandoning the endless need for technological progression, in thought, in love. It is about memories, dreams, health and wellbeing.

It is about her.

It is about me.

I want to use this project as a vehicle for immediate promotion… I now know how I want this project to end. There are only a couple more images that I wish to capture to allow this project to reach its conclusion.

7th Oct, ’20

After speaking with Jack Southern via a tutorial this morning, I am incredibly excited about this module. It is so invigorating to step away from the commercial side of photography and to start a journey that allows me to photograph projects. Projects that I want to do; projects with themes, that address issues, and that are exciting.

A consideration:

I am doing this course for me. I’m not doing this to be published or to receive good grades or praise. I’m doing this because I’m a photographer. I’m doing this because I love having an aim and a challenge. My aim is to complete photographic projects, to turn my ideas into photographs. My aim is to photograph a plethora of different projects. I am not a documentary photographer, or a landscape photographer, or a portrait photographer, or a conceptual photographer, or a process-based photographer… I am a photographer. I’m in love with photography. I am now a project photographer; maybe an art photographer. I shoot projects. There might not be a single theme or connection that currently weaves its way through my project, but I have ideas; all of those ideas have an aim and a purpose, they are all about something. But all of my potential projects are about something different. And I’m fine with that.. that’s what I want. That’s how I’ve always shot. And I think that is how I will continue to progress as a photographer. Genre, theme, context or concept; these things are present in my ideas… I could look for a thread of cognisant weave that currently winds its way through all of my work, but at this moment in time that would be making something up. A theme will become apparent as the module progresses. But…

I don’t want to do just one thing…

That’s not me.

9th Oct, ’20

New website…

I have designed and run several professional websites over the years to promote my self as a freelance photographer. I have also designed and run several website for other businesses and individuals. With wedding photography being well and truly behind me now, I have changed my peterbrittonphotography.com website to become a platform for my MA research/development, and I intend to relaunch with a new website showcasing some existing work, with the aim of the website being to promote upcoming MA projects. I felt no regret as I took down the wedding site. Quite the opposite in fact. That said, I am proud of where the wedding site ‘got to’ in terms of SEO and high google ranking. But that era is over…

For the new site, I will investigate my main knowledge area (WordPress), but will explore other providers such as Format and Squarespace…

10th Oct, ’20

New website

My initial thoughts about the new website were to utilise WordPress. It is the platform that I am most familiar with, and I know that it works well with SEO and google. After some explorations into themes and style, I have decided to move away from WordPress for a few reasons:

Style – it does not have the visual aesthetic that I am aiming for.

SEO – no longer the ‘be all and end all’

Learning – I want to learn something new. I can also pass this knowledge onto my own students.

So having also had a look at Squarespace I have decided to use Format to build my new site. I have noticed that several of my favourite photographer use format, and I like the aesthetic overall. Within web design, a good website is:




Format works on a theme basis, and at first glance seems very easy to navigate and structure. As for themes, I like the look of the ones below, but with white background contents, as opposed to black…

11th October, ’20

Logo design

I have decided to design a logo for my new website. This logo will not be widely used, as logos for a professional art photographer are not the norm, but it will add an element of professionalism to the site on the about page and as a site icon (found on tabs next to the URL).

The logo idea is a simple one; a visual play with my initials. I’ll use Photoshop to put it together…

12th Oct ’20


My new website is now live and currently hosts previous and ongoing work. I will use it to showcase projects during the MA, and I will be updating it periodically with new work as my future projects develop once the MA is complete. With the experience I have from developing my previous sites, I hope this site will act as vehicle/platform for my projects to gather and accumulate.




Sailor screams – framed? Floating frames?? Image of tusker rock surrounded by rock, sand and environmental detail?


‌Assignment one:

A body of research that culminates in the first illustrated report. Don’t have to have a formal essay structure. reporting on development of research and interest in our particular area of interest… Imagery and illustrations that relate to the content of the report. You can outline intentions. Contact galleries and individuals that link to my theme. Either option one or three would work for myself…

My area of study is ‘natural environment’ and how we as humans interact with it.

Research – ed burtynsky, richard misrach, human impact… Photo London, Paris Photo.

Assignment two:

Social media