Attempting to understand and interpret the message in a photograph has always held its own set of underlying problems and difficulties. In part, this is due to an individuals own unique opinion and preconceptions concerning how they relate what they are seeing to things that they have previously experienced. This series of images is about how people see at a glance. The series runs from the beach, through the woods, and ends in the city.

Photography traditionally portrays a still, captured representation of subject or subject matter, but it occurred to me that this is not truly how a person views their everyday world. With this project I have attempted to gain a new perspective as to how people see. Using handheld, digital, long exposure photography during the daytime, along with the aid of 2 Neutral Density Filters, I was able to create an exaggerated blurring effect, which represents how we, as people, see at a glance, or whilst on the move.

The actual photography used here has not been manipulated in any way. This series appeared in the Autumn ’09 issue of AG Magazine. You can buy canvas prints from the series here.